Hall of Fame: Baseball

What do you think is worse? Beating up a handicapped person? Beating up a couple, most likely, because you're racist? Or horsewhipping your own son for dropping out of college? Honestly, with Ty Cobb you have your pick of those three. Our approach was to choose at random, because you really can't go wrong.

That brought us to a 1912 story where Cobb got into a drawn out arguing match with a heckler before eventually entering the stands (92 years before Malice at the Palace) to fight the fan (Claude Leuker). Leuker was beaten to a pulp and couldn't return punches on account of the fact that he only had two-fifths of a fucking hand (a printing press accident had cost him eight fingers).

Before you feel bad for Lueker however, know that he called Cobb a "half-n-word," except that in 1912 they didn't say "n-word." Like we alluded to in the first paragraph, Cobb was involved in a racist incident or two, the most notorious of which was beating up a black groundskeeper (and his wife) for the condition of a baseball field. So...it's not exactly like he was sticking up for Civil Rights with this act of violence.