How many kids does it take to beat Kobe Bryant in a game of 1-on-1? Ummm…yeah, we're still waiting on the answer.

Recently, Kobe was over in China and agreed to take on a crowd full of kids in Shanghai. The only catch: They each got one chance to beat Kobe. But if he scored on one, then that player was finished and the next player was up.

Unfortunately, we only got to see Kobe go up against three kids in the video above. But by the end of the clip, it was pretty clear that no one was going to stop Kobe or score on Kobe. So we're pretty sure Kobe is still on this very court waiting for someone—anyone!—to knock him off. And if you think he's going to take it easy on you because you're not in the NBA…HA. Do you not know Kobe?

Press play to watch him thoroughly dominating his competition without even breaking a sweat.

[via YouTube]