On Thursday, the Washington Post featured RedskinsFacts.coma pro-Redskins site that's "...simply interested in presenting historical evidence to fair-minded opinion leaders"—on the publication's "Fact Checker" column. In harmony with most of the press Dan Snyder and the organization have been receiving of late, the results were not good

Glenn Kessler, AKA The Fact Checker, took umbrage with several "facts" on the site, including the defense of "red-skin" based on the term's origin and a claim that William Henry ‘Lone Star’ Dietz—the team's first head coach—"identified" as a Native American.

The Fact Checker ultimately served RedskinsFacts.com with a "Three Pinocchio" rating out of four explaining, "We wavered between Two and Three Pinocchios, but ultimately tipped toward Three. If you are going to have a Web site supposedly devoted to the facts, you can’t leave out the inconvenient ones."

To read the whole column, click here. Or, for more on this story, check out the video above.

[via The Washington Post]