There are many things to love about Uber, but its surge pricing isn't one of them. Now Uber has agreed to stop jacking up prices, at least in NYC during during emergenciesNew York attorney general Eric Schneiderman announced an agreement on Twitter:

New York law defines emergencies as "any change in the market" caused by "stress of weather, convulsion of nature, failure or shortage of electric power or other source of energy, strike, civil disorder, war, military action, national or local emergency, or other cause of an abnormal disruption of the market which results in the declaration of a state of emergency by the governor."

The most relevant scenarios are bad weather or a power outage, unless there's a rare attack on American soil or the country suddenly becomes like France, where strikes are as routine as morning coffee. 

You're still fucked on New Years, though. 

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[via Valleywag]