Even though the U.S. lost to Belgium in the 2014 World Cup last night, USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard was absolutely amazing. He finished the game with 16 saves (the most saves recorded by a goalie in 50 years!) and, quite frankly, he single-handedly kept the Americans in the match the entire game and stopped it from getting out of hand. He was actually so good that, during the match, some people out there suggested that FIFA was going to have to drug test him after the game:

FIFA better drug test Tim Howard after this match

— Ed (@Gibbe84) July 1, 2014

Tim Howard needs a drug test after this he's stopped everything

— dan (@dannny04) July 1, 2014

Someone drug test @TimHowardGK the guys having an unreal game! #BELvsUSA #WC2014

— Michael Dobson (@DidierDobbler) July 1, 2014

And as it turns out, they did drug test him! Howard appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning early Wednesday and revealed that, a short time after the match ended last night, he got pulled aside by FIFA and given a random drug test:

Tim Howard just said on Mike and Mike he was pulled aside for “random drug testing” after the game yesterday.

— Mark David (@The_MDA) July 2, 2014

Geez. Was he really that good yesterday, guys?

Er, actually, yes. That was a performance for the ages and, truth be told, a drug test was probably in order after the game.

[via Twitter]

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