Tim Howard's play in US' match against Belgium was the stuff of legend. Still, he gave everything he had and his team still lost. Whether you look at that as a source of pride or heartache, Howard can't be in the mood to be hugging random strangers.

The goalkeeper was receptive enough of the fans who greeted him when he got back to the States, but one bro tried to take the love a step too far by trying to hug him. Howard gently forced him away, wordlessly saying, "Nah, bro. You're doing too much."

Perhaps the best part of this scene is the fan reacting as if he's saying, "Oh. Um, yeah. That's cool." He's probably not going to go home and cry about being denied by an American hero on camera. There's a sense that he understood he overstepped his bounds. You can't be giving out hugs all willy nilly, man.

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[via Bleacher Report]