If we asked you to sit down and make a list of the toughest types of athletes in the world, it would probably be a looooooong time before you added "Cyclist" to your list. Football player? Sure. MMA fighter? Of course. Wrestler? You bet. But cyclist? Those guys are super talented at what they do, but we don't always associate them with being "tough."

We might start doing it after watching the video above, though. It features cyclist Thomas Voeckler getting into it with a Dutch fan earlier this week during the Tour de France. And the confrontation between Voeckler and the Tour de France fan didn't take place before or after a stage of the race. Instead, it happened during the Tour de France. Voeckler literally stopped dead in his tracks after the fan heckled him and started yelling at him. And the fan started apologizing immediately as a result of Voeckler's response to his heckling.

We don't know exactly what Voeckler would have done if the fan had continued to heckle him once he pulled over. But considering he made the conscious decision to stop riding to yell at the fan, we're betting that he was ready for whatever was going to come next.

[via For The Win]