Road rage has caused some people to do some really (really!) dumb things over the years. But recently, an Alaskan driver did one of the stupidest things ever after his road rage reportedly got the best of him.

According to police in Fairbanks, Alaska, a 28-year-old man named Luis Mesias Jara got extremely angry at a fellow driver in a pickup truck when he was driving his Porsche on the Steese Highway in Fairbanks earlier this week. He actually got so angry that, at one point, he allegedly decided to use his Porsche as a weapon and drove it directly into the pickup truck. And while his lawyer disputes the felony criminal mischief and reckless driving charges that were later filed against him, Jara himself reportedly told police that he was upset because the driver of the pickup truck wouldn't let him pass him.

Jara is currently free on bail but he is going to be forced to go to court to answer to the charges that were filed later this summer. He's also going to have to get a lot of work done to his Porsche, which got banged up when he hit the truck. So this whole incident seems so senseless, doesn't it?

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[via News Miner]