During Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals, LeBron James sweat, like, a lot. The air conditioner inside of the AT&T Center in San Antonio wasn't working so James, his Heat teammates, and all of the players on the Spurs were forced to play in ridiculously hot conditions. In fact, it was so hot that, at halftime, just about all of the players who took part in the first half of the game were forced to change their jerseys. And recently, the NBA put those jerseys up for auction on their official website.

Most of the jerseys sold for relatively reasonable prices, too, considering they were worn during an NBA Finals game. For instance, Chris "Birdman" Andersen's jersey sold for $1,851, Chris Bosh's jersey sold for $5,770, and Tony Parker's jersey sold for $11,020. But an anonymous bidder went all out for LeBron's jersey and paid—get this—$50,020 for it. It wasn't the jersey King James was wearing when he went down with cramps during the second half of the game, either. It was the one he was wearing before that.

Do you think the buyer paid too much for it? Or will LeBron's Game 1 jersey go down in history and increase in value over the years? Only time will tell. But $50K seems like a lot to pay for a game-worn jersey that was only worn for a half.

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[via ESPN]