Raise your hand if you're aware of the fact that Roy Jones Jr. is still fighting. *crickets*

Once upon a time, Jones Jr. was one of the best boxers in the world and a Saturday night fight featuring him would have had us all tuned in. But this past Saturday, he fought Courtney Fry (who?) in a fight that took place in Latvia and we're not going to lie: We had zero interest in it. And we're pretty sure that we weren't alone in that thinking, either.

However, it is worth noting that, after he won the fight, Jones Jr. treated the fans in attendance to a performance of one of his rap songs. And all that you need to know about the song is that it featured the word "crunk" in it. So…yeah. Jones Jr.'s boxing career and his rap career are officially both past their expiration dates.

If you want to watch Jones Jr. perform, though, we've included a video above. Just don't say we didn't warn you about it.

[via Rap Radar]