Two games. Two games. According to Yahoo! Sports reporter Rand Getlin, that's going to be the length of Ray Rice's suspension during the upcoming NFL season as a result of his off-the-field legal issues during this past offseason:

Even though Rice was arrested for attacking his wife Janay Palmer (who was his fiancée at the time) at an Atlantic City hotel and casino earlier this year—and even though he was caught on camera dragging her out of an elevator—it doesn't sound like the NFL is going to hand him a very stiff punishment. In fact, if he really only receives a two-game suspension, his suspension will be shorter than guys who have tested positive for illegal drugs and things like Adderall. So as you might expect, people are not happy to hear about the length of Rice's suspension:

It's important to remember that the NFL has not confirmed the length of Rice's suspension just yet (an official announcement is expected to come later today). And it's also important to remember that there are a lot of details about Rice's legal case that were not made public. But if two games is all he gets, you can bank on there being quite a bit of outrage from NFL fans.

[via Pro Football Talk]