From a surfboard to a bronzed baseball bat, Derek Jeter has received quite a few gifts from opposing teams on his MLB farewell tour this season. But it's safe to say that the gift he received last night tops them all.

Prior to the start of Wednesday night's Yankees/Rangers game in Arlington, Texas, the Rangers presented Jeter with a customized pair of cowboy boots as well as a $10,000 check for his Turn 2 Foundation. But they didn't stop there. The Rangers also played a video of former President George W. Bush talking about the time he threw out the first pitch before Game 3 of the 2001 World Series—and then followed it up by having the President himself come out to present Jeter with a framed photo of him and the Yankees shortstop standing on the field at Yankee Stadium before that game. And Jeter seemed to really appreciate the gesture.

"It's an experience," he said. "That's a gift within itself. Not too many people can say they've had the President come out and honor them in a ceremony. It meant a lot to me."

Say what you want about George W. Bush and his presidency. But Jeter's right—it is cool to see a President honoring an athlete. And it's further proof of just how important Jeter has been to New York City and the country as a whole both on and off the baseball field.

[via New York Daily News]