Recently, a police officer was directing traffic on a busy street in Maryland when a driver accidentally veered into his lane and ran into him at a relatively low speed. All indications were that it was an accident. But the cop was obviously not happy when it happened and he really let the driver have it.

First, the officer started pounding on the guy's car to get his attention. Then, he yelled at him and demanded that he get out of his car. And when the guy finally emerged from the vehicle, the cop got right up in his face and then knocked him to the ground. It was clear that he was pretty pissed about what had taken place.

The cop will not be getting into any trouble for attacking the guy, though. Because a short time later, he realized that the driver was intoxicated—which explains everything!—and placed him under arrest. You can watch the entire encounter take place in the video above. This was a scary situation all around.

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[via WILX]