According to The Arizona Republic, P.J. Tucker was arrested in May on what is being called a "super-extreme DUI." Now, if you haven't reached that level of drunkenness, it's probably a good thing because when Tucker took a preliminary breath test after getting pulled over for running through a stop sign, his blood alcohol content registered at .201. In Arizona, an individual can be hit with a DUI charge when their BAC exceeds .08. So, yeah, P.J. was weeeeeeeeellllll beyond that. 

When Tucker was taken to jail, his blood test concluded that the 29-year-old's BAC was actually .222, which is well above the mark of .20 for a "super-extreme DUI." If you need some further evidence as to when someone is in "super-extreme DUI" form, here's an excerpt from the police report: 

Tucker had "thick and slurred" speech and "watery and bloodshot" eyes, according to the report, and the officer detected a "powerful" alcohol odor as he interviewed Tucker. Tucker told the officer that he was coming from the W Scottsdale Hotel, where he had one beer. During a walk-and-turn test, Tucker stumbled to the side and caught himself on a construction fence, the report stated.

One beer? That's one hell of a "one beer," fam. 

[via Eye On Basketball]