The Indiana Pacers really want Lance Stephenson to resign with them this offseason. Badly. So in an effort to keep him on their team, they reportedly created a movie—yes, a movie—about his life in Indiana and showed it to him, his family, and his friends in a movie theater in Indianapolis last night. There's been no word about who directed the movie, how long it was, or whether or not Stephenson enjoyed it. But it reportedly featured scenes from Stephenson's early days as a Pacer as well as stuff from this past season.

Will the movie ultimately help the Pacers sign Stephenson? That's TBD. He is now officially a free agent and will meet with a number of teams in the coming days about his future in the NBA. But it's safe to say that no other team is going to create a movie for him. So at the very least, the Pacers have that on their side.

Stay tuned to see where Stephenson ends up signing this summer.

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[via Eye on Basketball]