The Ohio State University fired their band director Jonathan Waters today, after an internal investigation concluded that the OSU band has a deep and disturbing culture of sexual harassment. This culture is apparently nothing new under Waters' watch, and such "traditions" include midnight band practice inside the football stadium, where band members would wear nothing but their underwear, as well as members performing "tricks" of a sexual nature based on the explicit nicknames they were given. That means Ballsacagawea, Jewoobs, Mushroom Stamp, and Squirt, we're asked to "Find Mr. Big," which is a dildo, on the band bus. Can’t make this stuff up. Waters had been with the band in some capacity since 1995, before taking over the band in 2012 from Jon Woods, who led for 25 years before passing the torch to Waters. Something is definitely rotten in the state of Buckeyes.

[via The Big Lead]