1. The Rockets decided in-season not to trade Omer Asik and not to re-sign Chandler Parsons, instead letting the market develop for both.
  2. The Rockets agreed to trade Asik to the New Orleans Pelicans for a protected first-round pick and other assorted flotsam just before the draft.
  3. Morey began talks with agents for Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James to try to lure one to Houston. They also began talks with Pau Gasol as a third choice.
  4. The Rockets began serious talks with Chris Bosh after LeBron-to-Cleveland rumors got serious, offering Bosh a max contract.
  5. LeBron signed with the Cavs.
  6. The Rockets shipped off Jeremy Lin and a protected first round pick to the Lakers just to get Lin off the books to prepare a max contract for somebody (anybody).
  7. Carmelo re-signed with the Knicks.
  8. Bosh re-signed with the Heat.
  9. Parsons took a monster deal in Dallas which the Rockets didn?t match for value reasons.
  10. Gasol signed with Chicago.
  11. The Asik trade became a three-way sign-and-trade also involving the Pelicans which brought Ariza back to the Rockets.
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