Minor league baseball has its own charm, what with the smaller stadiums, young prospects, and exhilarating bench-clearing brawls. That last one might not be a tradition, but damn if the Albuquerque Isotopes and the Reno Aces aren't trying to fix that. Over the weekend, the two faced off for an afternoon game in the middle of a 4-game series, perfectly normal...until it wasn't.

Nothing out of the ordinary popped off until the top of the second inning, wherein Isotopes infielder Erisbel Arruebarrena took offense to being pitched at and subsequently struck out. Like any reasonable player, Arruebarrena shoved the catcher then threw his helmet at the oncoming pitcher. This led to both teams running out onto the field to recreate a fight scene from 300, except with fists instead of swords (thankfully). Check the video above for all of the highlights, including one very frustrated fan reaction.

By the time the teams were pulled apart, 10 players in total had been ejected, including the near-instant ejection for Arruebarrena. After a 15-minute delay, the Aces would go on to win the game, 7-3, but who cares about that when the entire Reno Aces team is chasing after one dude, just to wail on him.

[via New York Daily News]