Michael Jordan's original $33 million contract with the Chicago Bulls is officially up for grabs on the open market. The contract, which was solely for the 1997-98 season, is the richest single-season contract in NBA history, and is of course Jordan's final season with the Bulls in which he won his sixth ring. We're starting to see why this piece of paper is rather valuable. The contract is being sold by Heritage Auctions, and with a week remaining in the bidding, offers are already north of $28,000. It looks like the "anonymous cosignor" who brought this baby in stands to make a neat profit himself. He bought the contract for just $1,000 in 2000 at a charity event. Just to put this in perspective, the most valuable contract ever auctioned off was Babe Ruth's $5,000 contract that he signed with the Red Sox in 1918, which fetched $1.02 million this July. And last year, Wayne Gretzky's rookie contract with the Oilers went for $47,800. Damn.

[via ESPN]