Marshawn Lynch doesn't care about a lot of things. Talking to the media? No. Getting dressed up for the ESPYs? No. Smiling? $&%^ no. But apparently, he does care about his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. A lot.

Late last night, a Seattle native named Chuck Brezina tweeted out a photo of a Lambo parked in front of his friend's house in Oakland. He claims that the car belongs to Lynch, who is reportedly in Oakland shooting a movie. And as you can see, Lynch apparently takes very good care of his car when it parks it:

Yes, people, those are velvet ropes around the car! VELVET ROPES.

Even if it turns out that this isn't Beast Mode's car, we appreciate the fact that this expensive piece of machinery is being properly cared for. A ride that nice deserves the very best—and that includes a parking spot with velvet ropes surrounding it.

[via Deadspin]