The NFL offseason is finally beginning to transition into its warm-up phase; it's the time of year when draft analysis settles down, and regular season previews start rolling in. Hope rises in every group of fans across the country: "This year is our year," they tell themselves. Why? Because NFL training camps are underway, and fans, coaches, and players for every franchise are finally able to get an idea of what their team will look like and how they will perform. 

Accompanying all this speculation are a number of rituals for the NFL which, year in and year out, never fail to amaze us. Teammates are all coming together for the first time in months, and as a result of this renewed chemistry, you get more than a few stories capable of turning heads within NFL-centric circles. Hazing, pranks, fights: these are the fruits of this season within the NFL offseason, when the year's hottest days yield some of a team's most heated moments. 

As we prepare ourselves for another cycle of this madness, we take a look back and remember the NFL's Craziest Training Camp Stories of the past.