With just hours until the moratorium on NBA Free Agency ends, we've officially hit crunch time. Rumors are flying around fast and furious, contracts are being offered (cash them checks, Gordon Hayward), and meetings are happening for key free agents. The most crucial of these meetings? That would be between LeBron James and Miami Heat team president Pat Riley, which is taking place today in Las Vegas.

Ever since deciding to opt out of his contract with the Heat, LeBron has been the tipping domino of this entire process, with a multitude of teams and players waiting for it to fall before making moves. Will Chris Bosh accept Houston's max offer? Not without knowing what LeBron does. Will veterans flock to Miami yet again for the minimum in order to chase a ring? Let's hear what King James has to say. Will Cleveland burn even more jerseys? Probably.

Despite having his agent meet with a variety of teams, sources say that LeBron is choosing between two returns: either he's heading back down to Miami, or he's "Coming Home" to the same Cleveland that he left four years ago. Whatever his decision (not The Decision), it appears that things will start to look clearer after today's power meeting with Riley, who remains confident in the superstar's return.

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