Earlier this month, as LeBron James wrestled with the idea of possibly returning to the Cavaliers, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people, drove by his home in Bath, Ohio to see if they could get a glimpse of LeBron coming back to the Cleveland area. They parked their cars there, honked their horns, and created a ruckus in his neighborhood and likely pissed off all of his neighbors in the process. So in an effort to make his neighbors happy and get back on their good side, LeBron and his family sent cupcakes to all of them recently to apologize for the chaos that they created when they decided to make their way back to Ohio for good.

The cupcakes, which are sold to help raise funds for the LeBron James Family Foundation, were given to the neighbors along with a note that said that the James family is "blessed to have understanding neighbors like you." And a photo of both the note and the cupcakes made its way to Reddit a short time later.

Do you think that this makes up for what LeBron put his neighbors through this summer? Or is it going to take more than a care package featuring cupcakes to calm the craziness?

Either way, we're pretty sure that LeBron's neighbors are not going to get much peace and quiet as long as LeBron is playing for the Cavs. But then again, that kind of just comes with the territory when you live near him, right?

[via SB Nation]