Where are LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony going to sign this summer? That's the question that every single NBA fan, analyst, and expert is trying to answer right now. And when we say "trying to answer," we mean that they're literally trying to answer the question by using social media to predict where they're going to land and, in some cases, even citing sources (or should we say "sources"?) in an effort to try and break the news about where King James and Melo are going to play next season. It's gotten so out of hand that we don't even know who to believe anymore. From ESPN experts (what up, Chris Broussard?!) to bloggers parked in their parents' basements, it seems everyone has "sources" in 2014—and they're not afraid to use them.

As a result of this, we've seen people make some really off-the-wall predictions about where LeBron and Carmelo are going to sign. So as we continue to wait and see where they're ultimately going to end up (anytime now, guys...), we put together a list of The Most Random Predictions From NBA Fans on Social Media. Most of these are definitely not going to come true (sorry, Harlem Globetrotters fans!), but click through and check them out anyway.

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