As recently as last month, there were some people out there who didn't think that Kobe Bryant would be open to the idea of playing alongside a fellow NBA superstar like Carmelo Anthony. But apparently, Kobe has made convincing Carmelo to come to Los Angeles a priority this summer. Because while he's been in Greece this week vacationing with his family, he reportedly just decided to fly back to the U.S. today in order to be a part of the Lakers' free agency pitch to Carmelo this afternoon.

The truth is that Kobe probably doesn't have to attend the pitch meeting. He has Carmelo's phone number and we're sure the two have talked at length about the idea of Carmelo playing in Los Angeles. But the fact that he's flying all the way back to L.A. should indicate just how serious Kobe is about trying to get Carmelo to play for the Lakers. And if he is indeed attending the meeting today, it's a shrewd move on Kobe's part.

Stay tuned to see if his decision to attend the meeting ends up playing any role in Carmelo's decision later.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]