As of right now, there are quite a few NBA teams who are trying to position themselves to sign LeBron James to a contract this summer. From the Lakers and the Rockets in the Western Conference to the Cavaliers and, of course, the Heat in the East, everyone wants a piece of King James. And apparently, that list now includes the 76ers, even though it doesn't sound like their front office is actually making a push for LeBron.

76ers rookie Joel Embiid is interested in trying to talk LeBron into signing with the Sixers, though. And earlier this week, he proved it by sending a tweet to @KingJames asking him to consider coming to Philadelphia:

@KingJames hey bro hope you're having a good day...... Want to join us in philly?? Peace

— Joel-Hans Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) July 1, 2014

He didn't get a response. But that didn't stop Embiid from sending out another tweet last night to remind LeBron that he'd still like him to come to Philly:

Been a day.. still waiting for @KingJames to answer me like (TAPE DELAY GUYS) how can you do that to me? @espn

— Joel-Hans Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) July 3, 2014

But still, no response. And while we can't fault Embiid for trying, something tells us his Twitter pitch isn't going to end with LeBron in a 76ers jersey. Just a hunch.

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[via For The Win]