This upcoming NBA season will see the first major American sports league to follow the precedent set by international soccer traditions. As you may notice (either above, or below), the association is adding a very small bragging right to the jerseys of franchises who've banked an NBA title. No longer will they have to just settle for banners in the rafters. You see that little gold tab at the top of D-Rose's jersey (and we're not sure why they picked him, of all players)? Yep, that's the addition to the jerseys of championship cities.

Of course, whereas soccer squads add an extra gold star for every championship, the NBA plans to stick with a single gold stripe. That means, as far as the jersey makers are concerned, legendary franchises like the Celtics and Lakers are on the same plane as teams like the Bucks and Mavericks.

Still works, but we're guessing they'll modify that in the future.

[via Deadspin/Conrad Burry]