We've heard about young kids taking vehicles on joyrides in the past. In fact, earlier this year, we heard about a young boy who did it not once, but twice in the span of a month. But four Oklahoma City boys took joyriding to a whole new level recently when they allegedly stole a water tanker truck similar to the one pictured above and drove it around for awhile.

According to Oklahoma City police, the four boys—Ervin Aguilar, 11, Roberto Misquez, 10, Benjamin Pryor, 9, and Dreon Fisher, 8—were arrested on June 23 after they jumped into the tanker truck outside of a building supply company and drove it around the company's property. Witnesses watched the boys drive the truck for almost 20 minutes before police arrived. And because all four of them are underage, they had to have their parents come down to the police station after they were arrested to pick them up.

Can you imagine trying to explain that to your parents? It's one thing to take the family car around the block once or twice (not that we're encouraging that!). But a water tanker truck? Yikes. That calls for at least a year-long grounding.

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[via NewsOK]