According to Basketball Insiders' Alex Kennedy, part of Derrick Rose's alleged pitch to land free agent Carmelo Anthony was to perform a full private workout to prove that he's ready for the upcoming season and that the two could form a competitive tandem (along with Joakim Noah) to contend for a title. Afterward, they both joined team owner Jerry Reinsdorf, GM Gar Forman, team ambassador Scottie Pippen, Coach Tom Thibodeau and players: Taj Gibson, and Noah for a fancy dinner with sources saying the Bulls are very confident that their pitch had a profound effect on Anthony and his likelihood to sign.

Afterward, in response to all the criticism he took for not (initially) recruiting Carmelo, Rose took to his Twitter feed to say "There, are you people happy now? #fuckoff"

Nah, not really on that Twitter thing. But that would've been pretty refreshing.

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Derrick Rose Isn't Going to Try and Convince Carmelo Anthony to Sign With the Bulls This Summer

[via Basketball Insiders]