Nelly's favorite college football team is Missouri, not Kansas. Charlie Weis' favorite musician is, well, not Nelly. So we were a little bit surprised when we came across the photo above earlier this afternoon.

Sure, we saw this photo that surfaced a short time before it:

But we didn't look too deeply into that picture. Weis and Nelly happened to be standing in the same room on the ESPN campus today and snapped that shot together.

But the photo above? That looks like two guys having a really deep conversation. And we can't help but wonder what in the world they were talking about.

The complexities of Country Grammar? Probably not.

The prevalence of the spread offense? Eh.

The menu in the ESPN cafeteria? Maybe!

What do you think these two were talking about? Regardless, this is a shot that we never thought we'd see.

[via @ESPNRittenberg]