Last year Chris Thompson made this 15-minute video criticizing speeding laws in British Columbia. Today we've learned his government actually listened and has responded by raising the speed limits. To make up for the higher speeds police in the Canadian province will be stricter about enforcing pass lane laws and new winter tire regulations will be enacted. 

Thompson was pleased with the results and talked about the logic behind the change: "Once you start giving people the incentive or the ability, or giving people the credibility to say, 'ok, the limit is 120 (kph), if I'm doing 110, I'm going to stay in the right-hand lane.' If you give people a little bit of line and a little bit of slack, maybe they'll realize it's not their god-given right to do the speed limit in the fast lane."

Now we just need someone this convincing to grab the ears of American politicians. 

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[via Jalopnik