The third-place match of the World Cup is kind of a lose-lose situation. Wins get a "meh" from the general public. A loss only adds salt to the wound. Brazil would rather the "meh" after the horror show that was the match against Germany.

Brazil was still a mess against the Netherlands though. Losing 3-0 isn't as bad as getting murked 7-1, but this will be known as the first Brazil team to lose two straight matches on its home soil since 1974.

Like Germany, the Netherlands scored quickly. Arjen Robben burst through the Brazilian defense only to be pulled by his shoulder by Thiago Silva. Silva was fortunate to not get the well-deserved red card, but he wasn't fortunate enough to not have to watch Robin van Persie convert on a penalty kick in the second minute. There was perhaps a missed offsides call on the next goal, but that doesn't excuse Brazil for leaving Daley Blind this wide open in the 16th minute

After some missed opportunities from Brazil's end and a goal from Georginio Wijnaldum in extra time, Brazil's humiliation was complete. Collapses like these — like Miami against the Spurs in the Finals — usually can be put in the rear view after some time. But Brazil gave up a lot to put on this World Cup. Lives were lost, too. This one cuts deep.