It's good to see that becoming the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft didn't get to Andrew Wiggins' head. He's still basic like the rest of us, using Tinder for cheap conversation and a potential awkward hook-up. According to NBA reporter Kevin Rashidi, this is what Wiggins' Tinder profile looks like.

Obviously, besides his profile picture (which looks like it was once a poorly timed Snapchat), the real meat of the profile is that, "I'm feelin' cavalier... For now" part. It seems that he's aware of what some NBA writers have reported over the last few days: He's a Cavalier today, but a guy named Kevin Love could change that tomorrow.

Other writers have contradicted reports that the Cavaliers are willing to include Wiggins in any deal for Love, but if Wiggins is feeling the unease around him, the Cavaliers may be thinking about sending Wiggins to Minnesota.