One of the unfortunate storylines that has been going on through the 49ers' season was the saga of linebacker Aldon Smith. He's great on-field, but the two September DUI misdemeanors and the three weapons charges from a 2012 house party weren't good looks. Legal issues go deeper than public image though.

The charges were hanging over his head until Friday when he was finally sentenced. After pleading no contest to the charges, Smith caught a bit of a break with his 12-day jail sentence. Smith has the choice to serve that on Mondays as part of a sheriff's work crew. He already has one-day credit, so he only has to serve 11 days. Smith will also have to complete 235 hours of community service, pay a $2,000 fine, and serve a three-year probation in which he can't possess weapons or ammunition.

Smith was facing four years, so this is obviously a pretty good deal for him. He'll still have to wait and see how the NFL will deal with him after violating the personal conduct policy, but it's possible his time in rehab will have a positive impact on it.  Still, this should serve as more of a wake-up call for Smith. Hopefully, the airport incident was only a minor faux pas on his part.

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[via USA Today Sports]