Year Released: 1974
U.S. Box Office Sales Totals: $119,500,000

You really don't need that much context to set up the ridiculously over-the-top appearance of Alex Karras as Mongo, who's hyped up to be walking hell on earth rather than what he actually is: a 6'2", 200+-pound dick. The list of exaggerations include:

  • "Holy shit!"Townsman upon seeing Mongo appear
  • The sudden earthquake that marks his entrance  
  • How he straight-up just snuffs the shit out of a horse to show he's really out'chea
  • "Don't do that. If you shoot him, you'll just make him mad." — Jim to Bart as he gets his gun 
  • "Mongo only pawn in game of life."—Mongo revealing he #StayWoke

"Mongo" would go on to be the dad on Webster (think lesser Different Stroke).