It's easy to cringe at the idea of athletes crossing over and attempting to do film; successful music crossovers are rare enough as it is. But in addition to being able to achieve physical feats, the professional athlete's job is to entertain the audience. Some just happen to be able to do so through other avenues.

There were many performances to choose from for our 20 Best Performances by Athletes in Film, but what the rankings ultimately came down to was star power, how the athlete's presence contributed to the film, and just how good their acting skills were overall. We weren't expecting a Humphrey Bogart-esque performance from Terry Bradshaw in Failure to Launch, but the athlete should've been competent and performed as if he/she wasn't getting a check otherwise.

Ray AllenMichael Jordan, and Carl Weathers are all examples of athletes who did those three things in memorable fashion. Who are the other 17? Read on to find out.