Another season went by and there will be no Three-peat, Three-Heat, or any other stupid puns. We can all be thankful for that. Instead the San Antonio Spurs avenged last year’s loss and went on to hoist the trophy meaning that both cities are winners and that all trash talk shall cease due to this fact.

Oh wait, that’s not how it works. Especially when the losing squad was the NBA’s current villainous team that also happens to house (at least for now) the league’s biggest lightning rod of a player. If there ever was a recipe for social media derision, this was it. After all, when you’re a person who has to use Twitter to get his voice heard, you don’t get many chances to mock LeBron. That’s why you got to take advantage of opportunities like last night. Sure, he has millions of dollars, a global brand, two rings, a mansion, a--wait--what the hell were we talking about again?

Anyway here’s the best digs taken at the man and his teammates last night.