It's no secret that Toyota has been getting a lot of work done with BMW on future sports cars. What's sad is that it looks like Subaru might be getting pushed out of the picture. Yes, this means that the BRZ, which is one of the best platforms on the market right now, might not be long for this world, thu squashing our hopes of a BRZ STI even more.

The next generation Toyota GT-86/Scion FR-S might be developed in hand with BMW, and could very well be a supercapacitor hybrid like Toyota's Le Mans prototypes and the Yaris Hybrid R concept. We think it's more likely that the Supra gets that tech, but we'd be cool with sseeing it in a cheaper car too.

Subaru, on the other hand, is reportedly working on a powerful new AWD sports coupe that will resurrect the SVX nameplate, even if it doesn't resurrect the SVX's weird half-windows. This all sounds great, but then Bold Ride goes on to say that the SVX would be based on the same platform as the next generation Tribeca SUV.

W. T. F?

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