On Sunday, the San Antonio Spurs collected its fifth NBA title of the Tim Duncan regime, routing the Miami Heat in five games. As confetti rained down from the AT&T Center ceiling and Spurs fans celebrated in the streets, a tumescent Skip Bayless laughed maniacally while sitting on a throne made out of human skulls. As one of LBJ’s most enthusiastic detractors, Bayless has long been tough on The King. But, this series revealed a yin to the First Take host’s yang, and his admiration for the Spurs really took form. Bayless' softer side went round-for-round with his raging hate boner for LeBron James, and the match is almost too close to call.

Then, it was LeBron's turn.

And, back to the Spurs.

For more on this story, including Bayless' latest comparison between LBJ and MJ, check out the video.