In December of last year, F1 legend Michael Schumacher suffered a severe head injury while skiing in France, was rushed to the hospital in Grenoble, and put in an induced coma before undergoing several surgeries. After stabilizing him, the next few months were spent simply caring for him and hoping that he will emerge from the coma, and emerge with his personality, memories, and mental faculties intact.

It has been stressful for everyone, and we can only begin to imagine how stressful and awful this was for his close friends and family.

Now, Schumacher's representative has announced that he has emerged from the Coma and been moved to a rehab facility at an undisclosed location. His manager issued the following statement: "The family also wishes to thank all the people who have sent Michael all the many good wishes to Michael. We are sure it helped him. For the future we ask for understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye."

We wish him the best.

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[via ESPN F1

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