Remember that car called the Zonda? You know, the one that Horacio Pagani was going to stop building a while ago. Well, it’s still in production – sort of – and the latest iteration looks to be one of the best yet.

It’s called the Pagani Zonda Z60 X, and it’s a one-off build that’s reportedly heading to a lucky customer in China. Pagani fans might recall a similar paint scheme on the Zonda Uno, which ended up with members of the royal family of Qatar, but we’re told this one bears more internal resemblance to the recent Zonda Z60 LM.

The design fits within Pagani’s typically outlandish-yet-elegant format, and is believed to pack the same 760-horsepower 7.3L V12 engine as the rest of the Zonda 760 series.

It’s always a bit fun to joke that the Zonda will never “officially” go out of production, but like most fans of the boutique automaker – we’d be perfectly fine if the Zonda hung around for a while longer.

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[via Prototype Zero]

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