If you’re still reading this after you’ve read the title, well, you have more self-control than most. It’s time to call-in sick from work, slip into those footy-pajamas, and jump on the Xbox One, because Forza 5 has finally released the Nurburgring track DLC.

It’s a free download, so even if you despise the ‘Ring and its 16 miles of ribbonlike tarmac, what is there to lose?

According to Turn 10 Studios’ creative director, Dan Greenawalt, it’s the developer’s most ambitious track to date. Turn 10 was allowed to rent the ‘Ring for two days – completely uninterrupted – and fastidiously laser-scanned every last inch of both the grand prix loop and the Nordschleife.

It took a total of 30 artists and 13,000 man-hours to craft the world’s most accurate digital Nurburgring. Why not log on quick and test how they did?

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