Car & Driver unearthed an interesting tidbit of information regarding McLaren's upcoming entry level sports car, codenamed P13.

It is slated to be about the same size, and a similar shape, as the new 650S (Shown), but it will be powered by a detuned, 500 hp version of the same turbocharged engine. What's different is that it will come in three body styles. Yes, the coupe and convertible will arrive as expected, but a third "GT" body will also be offered.

The P13 GT will have a trunk for luggage in the back. Given that this is the same platform as McLaren's other road cars, this means that the luggage will somehow be stowed around the engine, which is also in the back. We're guessing this will end up being some sort of strange, shooting brake-esque vehicle, but who knows, perhaps McLaren is planning to just strap a literal leather and wood trunk to the back like it's 1921.

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[via Car & Driver]