Over the weekend, a woman named Brenda Cruz was driving down Interstate 77 in Charlotte, N.C. with her family when she noticed something odd happening in front of her. A man was hanging onto the back of a white car that was speeding down the highway and it appeared as though he was trying to break the car's back windshield so that he could get inside of the car, which was being driven by a woman who appeared to have a child in the car with her. Eventually, he accessed the vehicle, too, and was able to work his way into the car through the back windshield. But although several people called police to alert them about what was going on with the car, the cops were unable to track it down when they responded to reports about it. It was long gone by the time they got there.

Watch the video above to see the cell phone video that Cruz was able to take while she was driving behind the white car. Police are still actively searching for both the car and the man who was on top of it. We hope that they find both of them very soon.

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[via HLN]