Not enough room in your garage for the new Mini Cooper Five-Door? A bit cash strapped? No worries. Later this summer, you’ll be able to walk into your local toyshop and bring home your very own classic LEGO Mini Cooper.

LEGO’s design team cut no corners in making this Mini Cooper Mk VII set as authentic as possible. The car is finished in iconic British Racing Green paint, and features accurate Mini badging, hood- and side-striping, as well as the accented white roof and mirrors. 

The hood, trunk, and both side doors open, and even reveal a tiny engine up front. The interior features patterned seats, a veneer-style dashboard, and a moving steering wheel and gear stick. Out back, LEGO has cleverly integrated a spare tire and picnic basket in the boot.

The set goes on sale in August for $99.99.

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[via Autoblog]