Imagine buying a brand new SUV for $10,000. That’s not a daydream for ten lucky Australian Jeep buyers; the brand’s Aussie branch is offering – you guessed it – ten 2014 Cherokee Longitude 4x4 models for $10,000 in a new promotion. 

The allure here is that the Jeeps are located in the middle of nowhere at Jeep’s special ‘Remote Dealership’, the location of which will be revealed on July 26.

Presumably to keep die-hard bargain shoppers from getting lost while scouring the Outback for cheap Jeeps – there are a few catches, such as a phone-in process and a commitment to pre-pay at your local dealer.

The winners might not be racing each other to get to the dealership, but the lucky ten will undoubtedly have quite the return trip home.

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[via Jeep]