The Ferrari LaFerrari is already a pretty polarizing vehicle in its own right. It has one of the dumbest names ever, it's a hybrid supercar, and seems like it hasn't been talked about nearly as much as the insanely impressive McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. So, even the news of a celebrity buying one is enough to get people's attention. But Jay Kay didn't just want attention. He wanted all of the attention, including any negative press that might come with his antics. 

That's why he made his LaFerrari green. Not forest green or kelly green, or any of those dark, rich greens. He made his bright green. The kind of green that gives you nightmares about your grandma's 20-gallon vat of split pea soup or the kind that reminds you of that one time you tried to see how many green apple Airheads you could eat in 10 minutes. Shmee150 spotted the car at this weekends Goodwood Festival of Speed. Check it out for yourself.

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{via Shmee150