At this point, we can all agree that Jay Bilas is definitely Young Jeezy's No. 1 fan. Over the course of the last three years, the ESPN college basketball analyst has sent out a Jeezy lyric every morning—literally, every…single…morning—on Twitter along with the sentence "I gotta go to work." If you follow Bilas on Twitter, you've gotten used to seeing it at around 6 or 7 a.m. everyday.

But believe it or not, the two had never actually been in the same room together…until now. Recently, VIBE invited Bilas to a studio to drop a few Jeezy bars for them and then to sit down for an interview. But unbeknownst to Bilas, they also invited Jeezy himself to stop by. And the result was their first-ever meeting and an interview that features them discussing their unorthodox relationship.

Watch the interview in the clip above. Even though it's been three years now, we still can't get enough of this odd couple and can't get over the fact that Bilas is such a big Jeezy fan.

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[via VIBE]