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Last offseason, the Brooklyn Nets made acquisitions to ensure it would be a threat to take the Eastern Conference. They do get kudos for saving what was turning out to be terrible season, but getting handled by the Heat wasn't in the plans. Jason Kidd survived his first season as head coach, so he'll be looking to improve next season...maybe with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Bringing in Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Andrei Kirilenko were ambitious moves on the front office's part, so it's a bit ironic Kidd might be leaving because of his own ambitions. Eye on Basketball reports that Kidd demanded he be put above GM Billy King in the hierarchy and be in charge of overseeing the Nets' basketball operations. This might be the beginnings of a narrative of Kidd wanting control. Remember what happened to Lawrence Frank?

The Nets sensibly declined; he was just in uniform in 2012-13. Brooklyn gave the Bucks permission to interview him when the organization asked.

It's not clear if Kidd will be interviewing for a coaching or management job since Milwaukee's current coach Larry Drew hasn't been fired yet. What's clear is that Kidd is a man with one year of head coaching experience who wants The Juice.

UPDATED: Here's further confirmation that Kidd is reachin'.

Bucks officials under this belief, sources tell Yahoo: Kidd wants Phil Jackson-like president's role with Bucks - perhaps without coaching.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) June 29, 2014

UPDATE #2: It appears this thing may actually happen. An ESPN report says that the Bucks have offered the Nets a second round pick as compensation in exchange for making Kidd their head coach. The Nets want a first round pick, and have the next 24 hours to decide. 

The deal is only to make Kidd head coach, and has no president/front office role attached. 

If the Nets accept, then Kidd will make his way to Milwaukee to coach Jabari Parker and Co. If not, well, then both Kidd and current Bucks head coach Larry Drew sure are going to feel awkward.

Stay tuned.

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