There were 16 tight ends taken during the 2013 NFL Draft, but Detroit Lions rookie standout Joseph Fauria was not one of those fortunate players. Instead, the undrafted free agent out of UCLA had to carve his own niche in the league. And, fortunately for Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, Fauria made his mark in the red zone. As a rookie, No. 80 caught seven touchdown passes, which was good for sixth among NFL tight ends (and more than any of his position mates taken in the 2013 Draft).

But—perhaps more importantly—Fauria doesn't just score; he entertains with a collection of timely, brotastic touchdown celebrations, eventually catching the eye of Jimmy Fallon in the process. Complex News sat down with the NFL's Fred Astaire to talk about Jimmy Graham, life in the league, and the birth of a dancing icon. Check it out.